The quality of the transfer is always high, so contact me if you have any records you would like to have transferred. I also use photos to your covers and put them on the new CD covers. 


We transfer to CD or USD sticks the following:

• Old Records Singles  

• Albums 78s  

• Old Cassette Tapes  

• DVD to USB Sticks  

• Old REEL to REEL Tapes

• Hard Drives to USB  

• Old MP3 to USB or CD  

• Old YHS Tapes to DVD or CD  

• Old VHS Tapes to DVD or USB  

• Cine Film Transfer to DVD or Blu-ray or USB Sticks 

• Standard 8mm or Super 8mm and Super 8mm Sound Film 

If you have a few items to record, I can provide free postage/discount on the job. Please call if you are interested.